One-One Coaching

What is Joypreneur?

Joypreneur is a word that I chose for myself defining my purpose in life - working with people, establishing the concept of Joy within, thereby, helping them find their true calling and work towards it, to find their Align in life.

All that you wanted to know about One-One Coaching

Who is a coach?

A Coach is a person who can see, hear and feel through you. He/She will act like a mirror where you can see your own patterns, thought process and self. A Coach is non-judgmental, so you can feel free to be your absolute self. Confidentiality is the major binding contract with a Coach.

What is One-One Coaching?

When you have a problem or need anything, you go to a concerned person for a solution. Be it a Doctor, Lawyer, Architect or any person, who can understand your requirements and get something ready for you, according to your situations and preferences. They know how to diagnose the problem you have or help you arrive at a best solution for you. Similarly, one-one meeting with your Coach will help you identify concerns that are influencing your life, so that you can work on them to design a life that you want.

Will Coaching solve all my problems?

Coaching will help you understand your patterns and see why things are the way they are in your life. You will become more aware and conscious about whatever you say or do. When it is your life and your problems, answers and solutions are also within you. Coaching will empower you to find your own solutions and live a life beyond set patterns.

Is this Therapy/ Counselling?

This is not a clinical intervention or making you understand something that you don’t know. This is not rocket science. Coaching is all about understanding how to have a right mindset and how to keep things simple, non-judgemental, open and free of patterns. When the water is clear and undisturbed, you can see all that is within. Coaching will help you clear your own mind to see your self clearly.

Will my Coach take my responsibility?

You are your own responsibility. Always. If you think you can change, you can. If you think you cannot change, you cannot. You will always be right and follow what you think in the deepest of your heart and head. A Coach will help you curate your way through, opening up choices. Taking up the choices and acting upon them or not is your responsibility.

How does this work?

We will work together to get a clarity on any issue you are having, to identify what might make it work. Then, we shall come up with an action plan to see if it works. If it doesn’t work, we shall look into what needs to be changed to make it work. You will learn tools for self improvement, self clarity, self motivation, and be able to set goals for yourself and work towards them. Eventually, you can become the person you always wanted to be. I am still not sure, if this will work.

Don’t worry! Just get in touch with us to set up a 30min meeting with me. We shall go through what is bothering you and I will be able to guide you if this is a right place, or if there is any other place that can be of help to you.