Embarking on the journey of ‘self’

This is the greatest help we can do to ourselves.
Life is a journey of exploring the ‘Self’. It is so easy for all of us to fall into the trap of patterns that we pick up as we grow up. We are nothing but a product of our own past – experiences, learning, thinking and imagining.

We all look, but do we see? We hear, but do we listen? We feel, but do we experience?

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Butterfly on the Old Banyan Tree reminds us of the simple joys of everyday life that are normally lost in the chaos of human desire to become something. The concise, simple, yet exotic narrative urges the readers to delve into themselves and carry out an introspection of who they really are and who they wish to be.

In the midst of our imperfections we are perfect is the theme of Neveah's exotic and intriguing journey of her life wherein, Neveah transforms into a colourful and beautiful Butterfly. The novelette is flavoured with the undertones of life's philosophy. Its story line forces the reader to enter the realms of nostalgia in her or his own life. This short and simple story could easily be the life's journey of an individual anywhere, anytime. Its universal appeal is truly commendable.

Joypreneur Coaching

Make the right choices, let go of fears
find your joy!

Staying focused on the goals

Navigating you towards enjoying the journey, and keep you focused on the goals.

Make informed and resourceful choice

Having an external expertise will always help in overcoming those blocks, which might go unnoticed otherwise.

Create a balanced life

Establish harmonious relationship between your physical and cognitive being to be happy and serene.

Mitigate your stress

Majority of people are under stress, master relaxing techniques to reduce the habits causing stress in your life.

Trusted By

A very independent, mature, strong, multi-tasking, very expressive, optimistic dynamic young lady! That is Padmaja Penmetsa as a person.

She is an outstanding teacher, engages the students/audience well, has great insights into what works well in handling emotions. She has the charisma to grab your attention, and even the kids and have the right drive and enthusiasm while they learn from her. That is Padmaja Penmetsa as a teacher/ Life Curator. Someone who’s presence feels like a warm hug, makes you feel strong, with whom you can be yourself without being judged. She is trustworthy, who you can rely upon for help/ emotional support even at 3 am and most importantly she is very caring. That is Padmaja Penmetsa as a friend

Dr. Lakshmi Yalavarthy

MD Cardiac Anesthesiologist, Cleveland Clinic

We have been associated with Padmaja from 2014. She has always been great initiator n multifunctional. She has compassion and strong hold on the subject and immense knowledge on multidimensional areas . She has been conducting workshops for our parent community and staff in which her verbal and articulate mannerisms are very highly appreciated and the way she connects every aspect to real life situations for better understanding is commendable. She is a person who cares about an organisation and it’s growth . Her interpersonal skill set is her strength .She has played a vital role in motivating and inspiring our employees to work with their abilities and integrity

Sharmila Reddy

Director, DSR Educational Society

I have known padmaja on a personal level; she is the definition of what constitutes a "strong woman". She balances her work & home quite swiftly, reminding me of a picture of a swan in a lake - looking serene, calm & beautiful, but paddling hard beneath the water... She sure inspires me!

Vindhya Chidipothu

Entrepreneur & Social Changemaker

Padmaja is a friend and I end up reaching out to her to discuss my blocks/beliefs/apprehensions. She is so nonjudgmental and guides me to think in a right way. This has helped me in sorting things within myself. She taught me how to be more objective and clear in my mind.

Chetana Sagiraju

Entrepreneur - Fashion & Real Estate

Her explanation about various phases and situations in life are very realistic and the suggestions given definitely worth following . She truly is an encouraging and sympathetic speaker worth emulating.

Punam Kapoor

It was an excellent session. Really could connect to some of the points which though we know we have left it unaddressed.

Anuradha Murthy

Lily's public school
DSR Educational Society
Birla Open Minds
Orient Cemet