About Me

Embarking on the journey of ‘self’


Life is a journey of exploring the ‘Self’. It is so easy for all of us to fall into the trap of patterns that we pick up as we grow up. We are nothing but a product of our own past – experiences, learning, thinking and imagining.

We all look, but do we see? We hear, but do we listen? We feel, but do we experience?

What brings in the difference is the conscious effort of being in the moment to see things as they are. Keeping it all very simple, is the most difficult in today’s times.

I understand it is all easier said than done. But, is it possible? Ofcourse yes! I have been where you are now too. I have felt the crossroads not knowing what choice to make, whom to listen to, and thought I need to please and comply to everyone around me, because, living for others is taught to be noble.

However, the truth remains that, you cannot pour from an empty cup. What is not in you, cannot be given to others. Life, is absolutely a reflection of what is within us. It is what we create willingly or unwillingly.

Understanding it all in the true essence and seeing beyond our own limitations is the truest freedom we can ever experience.

I have experienced my truth and I live my reality. I can see you, listen to you to help you experience your true self.

I can help you curate your journey of life and learning

Padmaja Penmetsa

A certified NLP Trainer, Mind Dynamics Coach, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Pranic Healer makes Padmaja Penmetsa, a multi-hyphenate personality qualified in MBA HR, MBA Strategic HR, and M. Sc. Psychology.